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Our professional service technicians understand your air conditioning and heating systems, and can eliminate money wasting problems. By allowing us to help you maintain your HVAC units, you will reduce the possibility of a breakdown. It is important to regularly service your units, much like you would with a car, for example. Maintaining your HVAC systems both in and out of season to prepare to for the upcoming hot or cold weather, will also reduce your utility and repair costs.

Fixing an Air Conditioner

Maintenance Program

Air Purifier Installation

Resturant Maintenance Program

  • Replace Filters

  • Measure Freon Level and Fill

  • Tighten Electrical Connections

  • Blow Out Condensate Drain and Clean Pan

  • Check supply and return air temperatures

  • Cycle Heating and Cooling

  • Lubricate all motors and non-sealed moving parts

  • Inspect Heat Exchanger 

  • Inspect and replace as needed Belts

Coming Soon

Maintenance: Services

California Coolers offers a simple, easy, and affordable maintenance agreement to keep your heating and cooling products serviced and working properly. This will give you the peace of mind needed in the summer and winter months, knowing that your HVAC system is ready for any weather. We perform seasonal customary maintenance on your equipment, and in exchange, you receive discounts and priority scheduling. We’re here to look out for your best interests!

Maintenance: About
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